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Ethical & Sustainable Fashion: Our Approach
Coming from a background in bespoke and theatrical costume, when the time came to creating a brand, making sure it was as ethical and sustainable as possible, was a no brainer.
Traditionally we would only make clothing as we needed it, so the idea of creating to order ~only when someone wanted it~ made total sense. Plus having it altered to fit just right for you means it will become a piece you will love and cherish. Staying in your wardrobe for years to come, and lasting through many hands.
But being ethical and sustainable goes a lot deeper than that.
From raw materials to final parcels, what exactly are we doing? And what ways are we looking to improve?
And this is just a start! If you can see any ways you think we can improve, please get in touch. It is our ongoing mission for complete supply transparency so you can know exactly who made your clothes, every step of the way!

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